Namechange to Be Mobile

So today I had my first day at work so that will slow down the process a little but thankfully Im on a train for 2 hours a day so there is always time to code. Sunday, while I was in church I was thinking that the name wasn’t catchy enough. I needed a name change.

Be Mobile
So after some thinking I came up with the name Be Mobile for various reasons. First, the apps goal is to help people to be more mobile, to make it easier to travel with public transport (which sometimes can be a real pain in the ass). Second, Be is / can be short for Belgium (my first target, although I  might expand the app to multiple countries if I can get access to the data later on). Third, its for an app showdown and apps and mobile are like brothers. Still, I’ll also try to work on a desktop interface.

Recent locations are shown before you search something

Recent locations are shown before you search something

In the past days I’ve been improving the 2 pages I already made (screenshots at the bottom). I added the via option to be able to force the route to go trough a certain place. Also Localstorage whoohoo. Everything is saved now so the app restores to the  same state (settings, history and route locations). With history I mean that the last 15 or  so locations that you picked will be suggested when you haven’t typed your search query yet.

Last but not least the logo, now that I’ve got a name I really like I can start looking for a logo. Sunday evening some friends of mine did a webradio so I took the chance and let them ask on the program if somebody would be willing to help me with the logo. I got 2 replies on that so I’m looking forward to the results.

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