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Last week was a very boring and frustrating one. A week ago I got an concussion on my birthday party in a swimming pool. It just happens to be that my brother had the same thing in January, also on his birthday party. I had to lay a week in the dark so I couldn’t work on the app. A number of things won’t be ready for the ubuntu app showdown because of this but they will follow afterwards.


A couple of weeks ago I asked on breezeFM if there was somebody willing to help me with a logo for this app. Emily Croxo,who was listening introduced me to Tim Berquin.

He has been working very hard on this logo and I must say that I’m really impressed with the result. He has an amazing eye for detail and he dived into the Ubuntu world so that the icon would fit perfectly within unity. I want to thank him for his effort and time that he put into this logo.

It’s an eye catcher, isn’t it ?

Click store

So this weekend I finally could go on a computer again and I did my best to finish the app in time for the ubuntu app showdown. I uploaded the app to the click store so you can now try it out on your device.

At this moment version 0.2 is awaiting review. Here is a list of the implemented features (version 0.2)

  • Services
    At this moment only 2 services are implemented. More will be added in the future.

    • NMBS
    • De Lijn
  • Languages
    At this moment only 1 language is implemented. More will be added in the future.

    • Dutch
  • Extras
    • Twitter feed on tablet of the currently activated services


Some things won’t be finished in time because of this lost week but I’d like to share with you what is coming up in future versions. Some things might even be in time for the ubuntu app showdown

  • More languages
    Belgium is a country where we speak 3 languages. At this moment only Dutch is implemented. This has to do with the API calls for the route descriptions. At this moment I can only get route descriptions in Dutch but Ill try to get another source to work so more languages can be added.

    • French
    • German
    • English (for international purposes)
  • More services
    There are more public transport companies than the currently implemented NMBS and De Lijn. The search for these stations of bus/tram/metro stops isn’t the problem because they are just filtered out at the moment. It’s again the API I use for the route descriptions. When the extra languages are added more services will also follow

    • MIVB
    • TEC
  • More extra features
    • Train Delay Compensation Tracker
      The NMBS has some complex rules about when you get money because of delays. You have to keep all the delays yourself and that can be quite a lot of work. So I was thinking about adding something that does all of that for you. How this will work and what it will look like is not yet clear because I’ll have to examine the possibilities a bit more.
    • Station Info
      An overview of departing trains / buses / trams / metros on a location

One last thing

The last thing I wanted to share is a screenshot of the route details on the tablet. Both the details and the twitter feed are new.

Route details and twitter


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