Trein Tram Bus

Search location screen

So I decided to join the Ubuntu App showdown and why not, start a blog so I can share the progress.
On android I usually use the app of the NMBS or De Lijn to see what my options are but those aren’t available on Ubuntu Touch so I thought to myself why not make one myself.

After day one I finished the first version of the start screen (first picture) and also the location search screen. Since I never build an HTML5 app before the start was a bit rough. I sometimes felt that there was just a little too less documentation on the site. Luckily there is more documentation in the code itself

IRC was also very helpful. Some people there helped me getting started when I had some noob questions like why doesn’t this work. Only to find out that I didn’t include the js file for that part.

At this point I’m only making the app in Dutch but I hope to add French, German ( yes there is also a part in Belgium where they speak German ) and English in the future

Anyway I’m really looking forward to what this app can become.

Sadly my nexus 4 fell and now the screen is broken so I’ll have to test the app on the emulator.
Long live new screens from China, can’t wait until it arrives

P.S. I’m still not sure about the name, feel free to suggest something

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